Well, actually, at this stage there is only a ME, not an US! My name is Ali Lalor, many of you would know me from Select Botanicals, where I worked for 14 years before the very sad decision was made to close their doors. Working for Maree Mansour was the luckiest break I have ever had, it truly changed my life and I loved every minute of my time there. Devastated that it was going to close down, I examined my options and realised there was nothing else I wanted to do but continue to work with aromatherapy in general, and Essential Therapeutics in particular. Having years of relationships with the loyal customers of Select, and a personal request from Essential Therapeutics to become the new distributor made the decision easy – to take on a whole new venture, bring a little bit of continuity to the supply of Essential Therapeutics, and try in a small way to keep the spirit of Select Botanicals alive!

I always prided myself on providing excellent service, the kind of service I know I personally like to receive myself – being available for questions, changes to orders, chasing up parcels and any other number of things – generally making the ordering experience as easy and friendly as possible. So please, feel free to ask me any questions, I am always available and nothing is ever any trouble for me to sort out for you.

And I also want to say thank you – to all my new customers who have a love of aromatherapy and seek the high quality of Essential Therapeutics. To share our passion of this industry is a joy every day. And to the loyal customers of Select Botanicals, who were thrilled to hear someone familiar had taken over the distributorship of Essential Therapeutics, and who have been unbelievably supportive and positive, giving me so many messages of encouragement and care. You are part of the reason I wanted to do this, and have proven to me that doing something I’ve never done before – starting my own business – was the absolutely right step. You have made it an absolute joy, and continue to do so, and I am so grateful.


This is only the beginning for Nature Nurture, it will continue to grow and add more products to the range, and my aim is to become as established and respected in the Aromatherapy industry as Select Botanicals was. Keep your eye on the website, the Facebook and Instagram page and your emails for updates on new products, products highlights and specials.


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