As the year speeds by, our spirits can be uplifted by the warming air, and the scent of flowers and promise it carries. Nothing symbolises the coming of spring more than the ephemeral, subtle scent you catch as you walk along - and for me at least, in those fleeting moments, as I stop to inhale the sweet air, often with eyes unconsciously closed, a sense of happiness, peace and hope fills my being.


To have that moment at our fingertips is a gift. (Arguably) no essential oil is more evocative than the flower oils, so in the spirit of spring, peace, happiness and hope, your specials for September are the flower oils:


German Chamomile 3% in Jojoba 10ml

Geranium Egypt 10ml

Jasmine 3% in Jojoba 10ml

Lavender France 10ml

Neroli 3% in Jojoba 10ml

Damask Rose 3% in Jojoba 10ml

Ylang Ylang 10ml

Camellia Oil 200ml


Jasmine is your feature oil for the month - there really is no flower more symbolic of the coming of spring, it is often the first scent we notice as the air begins to warm.

All orders will come with a small sample - you can pop it into your purse and use as an exotic, intoxicating perfume - just as it has been for centuries!


You can read the blog on Jasmine here


Available at 15% off the wholesale price for the month of September, exclusive to Nature Nurture. No discount code required.

September Specials