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Brrrr, well that happened fast - warm one day, cold the next!


Your specials this month are the Essential Therapeutics Pure Vegetable oils!


As the temperature (and humidity) drops, our skin can start to feel dry. This is where adding vegetable oils to your skin care routine can be beneficial - by adding extra nourishment, and instantly taking away that dry, tight feeling.


Oils can be added to your routine very easily - you can simply add them to your face and body creams, or apply after this step to lock in your products for skin that feels comfortable, silky and nourished.



Used in massage and skin care, these oils will keep you and your clients' skin healthy, supple and glowing. I can't live without adding some of these oils to my Essential Base Lotion year-round, but especially in autumn and winter. They are also beautiful in a DIY face oil blend - and they are perfect as a cleansing oil to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils and making your skin feel even dryer.


Click HERE for your May specials

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