Hello all, I hope by now that this post finds you all back to work, your clinics and salons are thriving, and you are well on the way to getting back to normal life. In honour of the easing of restrictions and our ability to open our doors again, I am offering the entire Massage Blend range as your specials for this month - BOTH the concentrate 10ml size and matching 100ml blends. I'm sure many of you have clients desperate for your services by now, so hopefully this will help you offer a range of aromatherapy experiences and start making up some of the lost ground of the past few long months.

The range of Massage Blends available are:
Calmant * Circulation * Energising * Euphoria * Muscle Ease * Relaxant * Slimming

~~ When you check out, you must use the code NOV2021 to apply your 15% discount ~~