This month, which has the very special occasion of Mother's Day, we are leaving behind specific collections of essential oils, and featuring instead for your specials -




Essential Therapeutics offers so many products are unique and exclusive, and make excellent additions to your treatements, or to your own personal care. These products at one time or another have been very popular, and I want to put them in the spotlight again. For those who many not have tried them before, or really know much about them, or that Essential Therapeutics even supplies them, I am here to showcase them this month! Many of them would also make a lovely Mother's Day pampering gift, either as a ready-made product or something that you create yourself.


Your very special specials this month are:


Agua Massage Oil 1L

Castile Soap 500ml

Double Strength Aloe Gel 500g

Healing Blend 50ml

Organic Facial Oil 50ml

Organic Super EFA Blend 50ml

Sandalwood Nut Oil  10ml

Shea Butter Organic 250g


It should come as no suprise that there are many of my favourites in this list, and they are seriously worth a try. Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram as I give you personal insight, from years of use, into each of these special and unique offerings from Essential Therapeutics.


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