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Bergamot, A Bottle Full Of Sunshine

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

If ever you could put sunshine in a bottle, Bergamot oil would be it. Robbie Zeck says "Bergamot brings a sunny, effervescent quality to the spirit", and Holmes states that it can "promote optimism". Who would not a want a little bottle of happiness in their pocket?

Bergamot is well-known for its antidepressant and emotional balancing qualities. The scent alone is uplifting, joyous and refreshingly zingy, and the chemical profile is made up of balancing, relaxing AND uplifting elements - this synergistic combination makes Bergamot oil a wonderful first choice in cases of depression, melancholy, stress and anxiety. It is a 'cooling' oil, so helps dispel heated conditions such as irritability and moodiness, and is a lovely oil to have in the vaporiser for home and work, for its beautiful fresh fragrance as well as its antiseptic action. It blends well with so many other oils and is truly one that can't be left out of a well-stocked aromatherapy kit.

A few years ago, Essential Therapeutics released a very special new Bergamot - Bergamot San Carlo. Of this oil, Ron Guba wrote at the time:

"This beautiful cold pressed oil is produced on a 30 hectare farm which is dedicated to Bergamot trees. The farm has been certified organic since 2000 and doesn't use organic fertilizers. Instead, the farm practices bio-dynamic agricultural methods. The farm is located on the banks of the Amendolea river which runs through the San Carlo valley down to the Ionian Sea and is in a location well known for its micro-climate and uniquely fragranced bergamots.

Apart from the location and farming methods, what makes this bergamot oil so special? In short, it's all down to when the fruit is picked. This yields higher volumes of essential oil per kilo. The majority of producers will pick their fruit during October and November, when it is still green. This yields higher volumes of essential oil per kilo of fruit processed and the resulting oil has a very strong odour.

Our San Carlo bergamots are picked a little later in the season during December, and at a very precise time when the fruits are turning from green to yellow. Because the peel has dried out slightly, oil yields are reduced, but it has a noticeable effect on the odour, which becomes significantly more floral and esteric.

Bergamot San Carlo has found its way into some of the worlds' finest fragrances, and is a key ingredient in Dior's bestselling perfume Eau Sauvage. It has also found favour with multi-award winning perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, whose list of creations reads like a who's who of the perfume world, and includes, most famously, Le Male for John-Paul Gaultier, by which he created at the age of 26.

Well known for its anti-depressant and soothing qualities, we believe, that for all practitioners

of aromatic medicine, this Bergamot is hands-down the finest quality you can find. We are very excited about being able to offer this Bergamot San Carlo to you, straight from the farm gate."

This particular Bergamot (also called Bergamot Calabrian) truly is very special and of exceptional quality, I promise you can tell from the very first sniff! Essential Therapeutics have a few other Bergamot options as well - the 'regular' cold-pressed Bergamot, Bergamot Supreme Organic, and a bergapten-free variety is available upon request.


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