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Introduction to my Essential Aroma-Blog

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I will be writing a series of blogs on the essential oils supplied by Essential Therapeutics, as well as future products which will be announced in time. I just love the historical stories, folklore and the ancient wisdom of using herbs and plants. Seeing how the various plants were used way back in time, in ways that still hold true today, proves in the simplest way the efficacy and potent healing powers inherent within them. Putting it into that kind of context has always helped me remember what an oil can be used for, and makes me feel like a healer of old. It truly connects me with the plant the oils came from and I love the process of creating a healing remedy from the earth. Tapping into and drawing on that ancient wisdom fosters such a deep respect for both the plant and the botanists, healers and physicians who coaxed out their secrets, and discovered healing actions that really worked - and are today backed by modern science and research.

It is not my aim to go into detail on individual compounds or give lessons on the chemistry of the oils or how to use (or not to use) them - many great authors have already done so and the information is readily available. I just want to compose a story of each oil, by bringing together multiple resources, to capture the essence and personality that has been residing quietly within the plant since ancient times. Hopefully they will bring the oils alive for you, the way writing about them has done for me.

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