Amigel is our unique gelling agent derived from the yeast Sclerotium rolfsii grown on a glucose sugar culture. Amigel has the highest capacity to absorb water than any other vegetable gelling agent and will accept a large amount of additional ingredients. With prepared Amigel, you can add up to an additional 25% of oily ingredients (any essential oil or blend, pure vegetable oil, Essential Fatty Acid oils, Herbal Infused Oils, vitamins etc) to create a stable, cream-like preparation.

Amigel can also be diluted to an almost water-like consistency. At a concentration of only 0.2% (one part Amigel to nine parts water), up to 10% of additional ingredients can be added, to create a sprayable or pumpable preparation.

Or, you can create a pumpable serum preparation by using a 1% concentration of Amigel (one part Amigel to one part water).

Amigel can be added to help stabilise and emulsify oily ingredients, and gives a beautiful “skin feel” to your creams as well. Amigel is totally non-toxic, non-allergenic and as gelled water, very hydrating for the skin.