Argiletz Active French Clays
Argiletz Active Clays are pure products, rich in minerals, that work in synergy to cleanse, tone and revitalise your skin and body.

Imported from Argiletz, France, these unique, sun-dried Clays are extracted under exacting conditions to ensure that their active mineral content is retained.

Select Botanicals has a range of 5 Clays - Green, Red, Pink, Yellow and White, which vary principally due to the Clay's origins. The depth at which Active Clays are extracted affect their active mineral content, colour and use.

White Clay
A mild Clay suitable for Face and Body Masks for young and sensitive or mature and delicate skins. White Clay is an excellent body deodorant and a natural alternative to talcum powder. White Clay is the Clay of choice for use as a Hand Mask to soothe and soften dry hands.

Argiletz Clay Powder - White