White clay is a very gentle clay, excellent for sensitive, irritated skin, and young or mature and delicate skin. It is gently exfoliating, and calms irritation. It is an excellent body deodorant and a natural alternative to talcum powder. It also makes a beautiful hand masque to soften and soothe. Although it is the most gentle of the clays, it is still very effective at drawing away impurities and revealing fresh, cleansed skin.

Argile Du Velay white clay is primarily montmorillonite. It has over 50% silicium oxides which accounts for it's absorbing action, as well as oxides of aluminium, iron, mangenese, magnesium, sodium, potassium and titanium.


Argile Du Velay Clays are pure products, rich in minerals, that work in synergy to cleanse, tone and revitalise your skin and body.

Imported from France, these unique clays are extracted under exacting conditions to ensure that their active mineral content is retained, while especting the environment and engaging in practices to ensure they have the lowest carbon footprint of any clay supplier.

Argile Du Velay Clay Powder - White