Base Chakra Oil (organic), Brow Chakra Oil (organic), Crown Chakra Oil (organic), Heart Chakra Oil (organic), Navel Chakra Oil (organic), Solar Chakra Oil (organic), Throat Chakra Oil (organic).


Connect with your body's energetic blueprint and enhance balance and health using these body ready Chakra blends. The 7 blends are beautifully packaged in a handmade Lokta paper box from Nepal. The paper is from the bark of high-growing evergreen shrubs known as lokta bushes. These are abundant wild-grown bushes that grow in protected forest areas across Nepal. The paper is made by a women's Co-operative in Nepal and all proceeds go back into the community and to the women who make them. The seven main chakras align with the spine � base, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead and crown. They have been observed to vibrate at increasing levels of frequency, moving up the body, and significantly each location coincides with a major nerve plexus and their alignment also matches the majority placement of the body�s endocrine glands. Medicinal grade pure essential oils are substances with the highest natural frequency known to man. They too connect with nervous and endocrine systems at molecular level. This is why they make the perfect complement to natural Chakra healing therapies. Apply body-ready Chakra Blends in a clockwise direction around the corresponding area.



  • Efficient Healing
    The base chakra is connected to our sense of smell, which links to the brain's basic response mechanisms. It's potent aroma offers us a link to greater healing potential.
    • Spiritual Balance & Meditation
      A healthy energy in the brow chakra allows us to maintain a connection with our intuitive mind with calm and clarity. Brow Chakra Oil may be especially helpful for balancing mental disquiet.
      • Divine Consciousness 
        Crown Chakra Oil supports our connection to the unified energy flow that is present in all things. When we are ready to acknowledge the infinite nature of our reality, we begin to fulfil our energetic potential and holistic wellbeing.
        • Love
          Open, healthy energy in the heart chakra creates a flow of loving energy that permeates our life experience.
      • Pleasure
        Sensuality and healthy appetite can be restored by working with the energy of the navel chakra. This blend may be especially useful for supporting people with eating disorders, addictions or inhibited sexuality.
        • Power
          The solar chakra governs our inner resources for determination and clear thinking.
          • Voice, Vocal Chords & Throat
            The power of our voice can be nourished by using Throat Chakra Oil to support the chakra connection between inner truth and manifest expression.


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