Coriandrum sativum, seeds, distilled, certified organic, Hungary.


Coriander Seed essential oil is an exceptional natural healer. It can be used to support healthy circulation and digestion, as well as detoxification. It aids regular menstruation and post partum balance, promotes healthy immunity, and aids mental balance and clarity. It is generally non-toxic and non-irritant and can be used in topical blends for scars and stretch marks (caution with sensitive skin). Blends well with: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Ginger and Neroli. Adds a warm spicy note to blends - only use in small dosage as is very strong.



  • Constipation
    Coriander seed is a stimulant to the digestive system. This in turns assists you to be more regular. Add 3 drops of Coriander and 3 drops of Peppermint to 1/4 tsp of Olive oil and rub on tummy in clockwise direction at bed time.
  • Muscular Aches and Pains
    Coriander Seed has specific benefit for body repair and added to a massage oil or compress may have direct effect on inflammation and pain in muscles and joints, especially in cases of gout, arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Appetite Stimulant
    Diffuse a couple of drops with equal amounts of Peppermint, Cardamom, Tarragon French and Clary Sage, in the kitchen while cooking or in eating spaces. Supports good appetite, a balanced nervous system and is uplifting to the spirit.
  • Flatulence
    A compress or tummy massage (see recipe above) will help counter the discomfort of flatulence after a meal and promote healthy digestion.


Traditional & Historical Information

Coriander featured in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures. It is one of the oldest known herbs and has a long history of culinary and medicinal use. Coriander seeds were left in King Tuts Tomb and other evidence shows that it was used to treat urinary infections and headaches, crushed in poultices and salves, and also as an aphrodisiac. More recently, in tests Corriander has been seen to lower glucose and insulin levels and supports healthy pancreatic function. Coriander has been indicated in natural treatments for a wide range of conditions. It is reported to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericidal, fungicidal and carminative properties.


Safety Considerations

Avoid use during pregnancy. Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water. If ingested, drink milk. Keep out of reach of children.


Please note:

Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.

Coriander Seed Organic 10ml