C.intratropica is a medium to large sized tree growing up to 45 metres in height with a fragrant wood. Native to Australia, C. intratropica can be found across the Northern Territory, the Kimberley ranges, Cape York and North Eastern Queensland. During the mid-1990’s, the essential oil ‘discovery’ of this unique tree began, and plantations were established.  


A stunning blue oil, it is grounding, centering, stabilising, calming and relaxing when nervous or distressed. Possessing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Cypress Blue is a must-have essential oil to have in your aromatherapy first-aid kit. An Australian native oil, it can be used for many applications including to repel insects, to ease skin irritations and wounds, respiratory conditions and vein issues. It can be effective when used in massage oils to ease inflammation and aches and pains in the muscles and joints.


Steam-distilled from the chipped bark and wood of C.intratropica. Trees are plantation grown trees, not from wild-harvesting. An unusual and stunning colour of rystal clear cobalt blue, it may form tiny crystals when cold.


Origin - Australia

Plant Part - Bark and Wood

Growing Method - Plantation Grown

Cypress Blue