This cream contains a beautiful synergy of pure essential oils and aromatic extracts – pure steam distilled Damask Rose oil, Damask Rose absolute, Geranium Bourbon, True Lavender, Palmarosa, Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli, plus Calendula and Carrot carbon dioxide extracts. With its content of pure essential oils, vegetable oils and butters, natural anti-oxidants and vitamins, Damask Rose Healing Moisturiser has excellent regenerative properties. It is useful for all skin types, as a truly rejuvenative cream. This means the ingredients serve to increase the turnover of cells in the germinative layer of the skin’s epidermis - the cells that continually re-divide to create new skin. Ingredients, such as our unique Rosemary anti-oxidant, give this cream good “free radical scavenging” qualities as well.

Damask Rose Healing Moisturiser is especially suited for sensitive and mature skin types, to help reduce sensitivity, to calm and soothe the skin and for its regenerative benefits.

Damask Rose Healing Moisturiser