Essential Solubiliser is based on mild emulsifiers derived from pure Almond and Coconut oils. Mild and odourless, this emulsifier is non-toxic, non-allergenic and fully compatible with the skin. Essential Solubiliser is the basis for a number of natural cosmetic products, such as essential oil-based skin conditioning sprays. It is generally used in the ratio of 3 to 5 parts Solubiliser to 1 part essential oil. Lower amounts of Solubiliser will create a milky emulsion; higher amounts will create a clear solution. Some essential oils, such as citrus oils, require a higher amount of Solubiliser in order to create a clear solution. Unlike Disper, Solubiliser will also emulsify vegetable oils into water. For vegetable oils, use a ratio of 1 to 2 parts Solubiliser to each part vegetable oil.

Esssential Solubiliser