Fragonia is a beautiful, unique, and fairly new Australian oil, whose benefits are still being explored. The hydrosol is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. It can be used for fungal infections on the skin, for acne, cold sores, or tinea, and is not known as a skin sensitiser. It is similar to Tea Tree but more gentle (and better smelling!). It is also great as a deodorant thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. An excellent room purifying spray, especially where there are bad smells. Excellent to help with balancing emotions and the spirit.


Hydrosols are a safe, gentle way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.


Botanicals Name: Agonis Fragrans

Origin: Australia

100% pure water of distillation of Agonis Fragrans


100% natural and preservative free.


Fragonia Hydrosol


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