Liposomes are extremely small spheres of natural phospholipids from soy lecithin. They are popular in expensive cosmetic ranges because of the ability of liposomes to easily penetrate the epidermis of the skin. Liposomes can be 'loaded' with other active ingredients eclosed within the liposome spheres or they can be used 'unloaded'. We provide pure soy unloaded liposomes because the phospholipids are extremely active by themselves. Our liposomes are primarily made of the phospholipid, phosphatidyl choline, which contain a high content of essential fatty acids. These liposomes are far superior to hydrogenated liposomes or animal-derived ceramides. Soy Liposomes offer many skin benefits, real improvement in skin hydration, improvement in wrinkles and general skin texture, help prevent blackhead and pimple formation and so on. Soy Liposomes can easily be added to our natural gels or our Ultimate Base Cream. We recommend adding from 10% to 33% Soy Liposomes for best results.