A potent, anti-spasmodic blend useful for all kinds of muscular tension. Muscle Ease is useful for the temporary relief of sore, over-worked muscles, muscular cramps and spasms (including menstrual cramps), lumbago (lower back pain), arthritic pain and inflammation associated with sciatica, neuritis and

neuralgia. Applied to the lower abdomen and back, Muscle Ease can assist indigestion, intestinal cramps and colic. Its excellent stimulating and tonifying properties make Muscle Ease a help in relieving stress related and post-illness fatigue. Muscle Ease is generally used at a 5% to 10% concentration and is best used in combination with massage and/or hot compresses. For small, specific areas of the body, up to a 50% concentration can be trialled. The concentrate is excellent for therapeutic baths, 10 to 30 drops emulsified in Essential Solubiliser.

Contains essential oils of Rosemary CT1, Wintergreen, Tropical Basil, Nutmeg, Clove Bud and Peppermint.

Muscle Ease