Petitgrain Bigarade oil was once extracted from the green unripe oranges, when they were still the size of cherries, hence the name Petitgrain or 'little grains'. Obviously, once the immature fruits were used, the tree became bare with only its blossoms, leaves and twigs. Petitgrain also shares the same Bitter Orange tree with Neroli oil, which is oil extracted from the blossoms of the tree. Petitgrain Bigarade essential oil is derived from the fresh leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium). Only the essential oil extracted from the true bitter orange tree and not any of its sub-species or hybrids should be given the prestigious title of ‘petitgrain bigarade’.

Petitgrain oil may help with nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions and in particular anger and panic. It calms and soothes the mind, while relaxing the body, easing breathing, reducing rapid heart beat, relaxing muscle spasms and stomach pains. It is great oil to use for insomnia and helps to clear up a greasy skin, acne and excessive perspiration, while toning the skin. Petitgrain is beneficial for maintaining oil balance in both oily and dry skin types. It is also a good ingredient in hair care for all hair types. A popular ingredient in eau-de-cologne.


Botanical Name - Citrus aurantium ssp amara
Plant Part - Leaves

Petitgrain Bigarade Organic