Panthenol or pro-vitamin B5 can be used in hair conditioners from 0.5% to 2%. Panthenol readily absorbs into the hair, being deposited onto the cuticle and penetrating into the cortex of the hair. This is even more so for bleached or permed hair. It provides benefits such as long lasting moisturisation, it imparts lustre, it has a conditioning effect resulting in easily manageable hair. It reduces considerably the formation of split ends. It serves to repair damaged hair and can thicken undamaged hair by up to 10%.


In skin care, Panthenol has the following effects: moisturising, anti-inflammatory and speeds wound healing times. Panthenol as a water soluble vitamin can be used in a number of different preparations including creams and lotions, toners, after shave lotions and mouth wash and gargle preparations.


The use levels of Panthenol are from 1% to 5%, to be used in the water portion of preparations.



SHORT EXPIRY Vitamin B5 10ml