This amazing product has been specially created by Ron Guba, founder of Essential Therapeutics.  From years of personal experience, nothing heals wounds the way this cream does. It is used extensively by nursing homes to help with bedsores that won't heal, and is a product you need in your first aid arsenal. After years of use myself I can attest to its magic! As can many others, and it is a product that has stood the test of time. It can be used on cuts, scratches, scrapes, wounds that seem to take a long time to heal. You will see improvement literally overnight.


Of this product, Ron says:

"Wound Heal Formula (WHF) was originally formulated in 1995 as part of a descriptive research study entitled Aromatic Extracts as Wound Healing Agents.


Wound Heal Formula was trialed for a period of two years on consenting residents of various Aged Care facilities, specifically on venous ulcers, pressure areas and skin tears.


Wound Heal Formula is provided as a cream base, rich in a variety of active ingredients, such as: Essential oils and carbon dioxide extracts, including True Lavender, Everlasting and Calendula extract, Vegetal extracts including Chia Seed, Centella infused oil and Shea Butter, Vitamins including A, D, E, B5 and B6 and Aloe Vera extract.


The observed results to date of WHF on such difficult wounds has been excellent. Following are endorsements from two of the participants in the study:


“The staff at our facility have found your wound healing cream to be most effective.

There has been no incident of allergic reactions and in all cases the healing process was achieved in short periods.”  Mrs. Rae Richardson R.N., Director of Nursing, Toronto Village Nursing Home


“The standard treatment for pressure areas, such as alginate dressings, generally slough off the necrotic tissue producing a cavity.  However, when using the WHF, we find the necrotic tissue only slowly flakes  off, opening up to healthy granulation tissue, with only a small cavity or no cavity at all developing.  We find the Wound Heal Formula works without exception on pressure areas.”  Ms. Carole Brown, Director of Nursing, Thomas Angst Clinic


Keep product in the fridge to prolong shelf life.

Wound Heal Formula